Civil Forfeiture

Police have taken 2 and a half billion dollars worth of seizures of cash that will be confiscated.

Imagine that, you don’t need to be proven with a crime to have your property seized. Seriously. Shark fins. What will you do if this happens to you?

I mean, it just seems a little absurd with this rule. Oh my gosh dude. Under the law, your property is guilty, until you prove it innocent.

Like how is that even possible? I mean, there is a possible positive connotation when it comes to doing things like this. This law has crippled organisations, run countries to the ground and stopped plenty of robberies too. Isn’t that a good thing?

Of course, but only when you consider the fact that these people are inherently stupid. I mean, the problem arises when the police are actually allowed to keep all the property that they have taken, without even needing to give it back.

That’s kind of dumb. Hope this ruling changes soon, because the next time our store needs to ship ping pong balls all the way across the state, they can’t take my stuff away from me.

Such an embarrassing fact, and there is so much that is wrong here.

I don’t want to go on any more.

Tips for successful internet marketing

It is very important for every business owner today to take advantage of the opportunities that are made available by the internet. Today, with the technological advancements, a lot of people are able to access the internet through their phones anywhere any time. It is therefore very beneficial for all business owners to take advantage of this. Since most people are on social media, it would do all business owners a lot of good to start internet marketing. Internet marketing enables you to reach a lot of people in a short time. This is beneficial for the success of your business. Below are some of the tips you can use to go about internet marketing successfully.

BusinessFirst and foremost, it is very important to ensure you know who the target audience is and where they are mostly engaged. The importance of this is that it enables you to reach your audience easily since in most cases they are most likely to be drawn to the same kind of advertisement. If you’re interested like I am, you’d know to use the home cleaning service provided here!

Once you know how to reach them, make sure you have quality products you intend to advertise. This is because people are more attracted to quality goods as opposed to the quantity of goods.

Something else that can really help when you intend to start internet marketing is utilizing social media. Most people in the world spend more than for hours on different social media networks every day.

This means that it is very easy to reach your audience within a very short time after the advertisement as been made. The advantage of social media is the fact that it is free to use. You can therefore experiment with different social media networks to see which one generates more buzz to your business the most. This way, you get to know which one to use for your internet marketing.

Last but not least, when doing internet marketing, it is very important to post relevant details you want to share with your audience. It is also very important to support this information with images. This is because images are very easy to interpret compared to a lot of text. They are also easy to share and reach a lot of people since most people will look at images but not many will read texts. Images are also a great way of representing your brand and enabling the audience to know what it is really about.

Car purchases? Yes?

One of the most common questions we get over here at Bartel Productions is about buying cars. Should you, or should you not?

It’s a tough decision, really. Much like getting trees cut out of the ground, it can be painful, but awesome all at the same time.

A car plays an important role in our daily lives in this modern era. Car is such a useful and convenient asset to possess because it can be used to transport children, travel to work and carrying loads. Since it is such an important asset to possess, most of us want a good quality, reliable and comfortable vehicle. There are many choices of vehicles available in most shops, but finding the suitable and affordable one for you could prove quite a challenge. The below are some mistakes we as buyers commonly make:

Firstly, people make mistakes in thinking mostly about the monthly payment. It’s not everyone who can just walk into a car dealership and start paying cash for their desired vehicle. This is why negotiation is one of the easiest ways in avoiding yourself in spending too much on your own vehicle. When you negotiate the price, keep in mind that the dealer is capable of offering you a longer term of loan. You should be aware that the few extra percentage charged on the vehicle can turn into a few thousands of dollars.

You should also avoid buying brand new cars. Instead, try buying cars which were being used by the previous buyers. This is because cars normally depreciate in value of 25% to 40% within the first two ears. Therefore, the best way to save your money is to let the previous owner to take the 40% hit then only buy your vehicle. Most cars nowadays have a longer lasting warranty compare to previous years, you can buy a car although it is a few years old but still functional. Cars with this warranty are typically way cheaper than the ones during the first few years

Working your way up the service and artistic ladder

Starting off today’s post with a quick advertisement: Should you be interested in getting pressure cleaning services as well, feel free to let us know yes?

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Do you just love providing feedbacks on services and products? If yes, this skill could also be turned into money. Many companies are willing to pay you for writing a good feedback based on their services or products. With these feedbacks, the company will be able to achieve a better position in the market. If you are interested, simply just google for reviews to be wrote. All of these are actually great ways to gain more experience in earning money online.

Before starting earning money, have a clear idea of your own strengths. Make sure that particular skill make you special and outstanding than others. So, you should look into what those skills would be beneficial to you. No one can guarantee you will earn lots of income. Therefore, you should find out what makes you outstanding than the others.

Of course there are other ways to earn money online, one of it is taking paid surveys. Majority of people think surveys online are only trying to scam people and malicious. You actually only need to answer the questions based on their services and products. To find a good survey, you should be careful. Never ever reveal your credit card information online, that would be dangerous if other people possess your credit card information. These surveys can be easily found in google, try to be more specific and don’t just type “paid surveys”.


There are always other alternatives in earning money online and remember “no pain no gain”.

Got it?

Living without totally spazzing out as an idiot


Welcome to the brand new site of Bartel Productions, an amateur production company based in Missouri.

We are very proud of our work and we always do everything within our power to get things done the right way. We support the local community of theatre very much, and there’s nothing more fulfilling (in our humble opinion at least) of seeing a success story blossom off the internet.

If you want to know how you can get your scrip published, contact us today. Our writers and editors will go over a final pass on what good looks like, how exactly we might be able to help you out with your business and ultimately make a good decision on whether or not we might consider you.

What we are looking for:

i) Scripts that convey human emotion

ii) Scripts that are original (this is obvious, but you’d be surprised at the sheer number of plagiarism type activity that exists out there on the internet).

iii) At least 30 minutes running time – hopefully your plays do not run any shorter than that, otherwise it is at our own discretion to add to them and remove things as we please.

Good luck!